Who we are

I'm Tim
my wife, Georgia
and Georgia's son, Josh

No, we're not recently married, but these are the best pictures we have of us. We've been married since June, 1999. Click here for more wedding pictures.

I grew up in Pennsylvania, and moved to Iowa in 1984 to go to college. I met Georgia in 1995.

Georgia grew up outside of Houston, Texas. After she graduated, she and Josh moved to Iowa.

We bought our house in 2001.

Where we live

We live in West Des Moines, IA.
Here's our house:
Our house

A bit more about us

We are both avid NFL fans.
I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan:
Tim with Steelers Logo
Georgia is a Miami Dolphins fan:
Georgia with Dolphins Logo
She also has a Steelers side:
Georgia with Steelers Logo
Yes, I was very happy the Steelers won their 5th and 6th Super Bowl championships.
Tim in Steelers Coat

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